Dining Room


A spacious dining room with a large table seating 8 comfortably. Additional large table in the kitchen to seat 7 people comfortably (Covid friendly). My unique  home  and landscaped  gardens are perfect to enjoy home cooked meals and traditional  celebrations, from several Countries; Chinese New Year/ Ramadan & Eide to celebrating Birthdays and Graduation Parties. The dining rooms are ideal to all get together to  spend an enjoyable  evening, having dinner conversation as a family whilst still practicing your English!.



From the dining room, a patio door leads directly onto the ‘top decking area’ of the garden, overlooking the flood lit fish pond, a waterfall & tranquil fountains. The landscaped gardens ( which are flood lit in the evenings) for a peaceful tranquil atmosphere.   There are numerous eating / seating areas to choose from, when you want your  morning coffee, afternoon tea or evening drink, to ensure social distancing.

 I like to offer varied  International dishes for dinner – This one is Chicken Cabsa !  I learned my Middle Eastern cooking skills, when staying with one of my students family in  Abu Dhabi  in  Emirates.I enjoy cooking International dishes, so that all my student family feel at home.

It’s a great experience for all my students,  to try various dishes from around the world. When I serve a traditional Arabic meal, I encourage everyone to eat with one hand. with little or no cutlery on the table. British weather permitting, we eat these traditional meals, sitting  on a huge rug in the garden.

Chinese or  Japanese Sushi evening  meals,  only chopsticks are placed on the table!. Not only does it encourage my student family to respect and hopefully enjoy varied ways of trying  different foods, but it’s always a great evening, watching my Far Eastern students , teaching other’s  how to eat with chop-sticks!  This being  the traditional way of their respective Countries.  Always a very amusing but enjoyable evening, one that is full of entertainment!

When I prepare a traditional Turkish or  Spanish Meze, with sea food, shellfish & rice.,. That  always goes down well with everyone. However, if you enjoy cooking you’re more than welcome to give me some ‘time out’!