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Testimonials from host family residents 

We have offered host family accommodation to students and employed people from across the globe. Our Leeds host family services are second to none. Read what our former residents have to say:

Such a wonderful warm greeting and really felt like I was back home”


“Lynne was very gracious and I couldn’t have got through my studies, especially coming up to my graduation”.


Lynne was very respectful and mindful of my deity needs such as only eating Halal meat”.


“I stayed in the mezz suite with my own bathroom which I needed for all my clothes and makeup. I enjoyed cooking and eating and sharing my favourite Chinese dishes from home with the others in the house.”

Lucy Xui

House very clean and tidy. I enjoyed all the international meals that Mama cooked and loved all the party celebrations for each birthday, so much so I returned the following year”.


My experience here was so wonderful that I scheduled to return to Lynne’s house each year in summer for my vacation. I didn’t want to leave. I met so many interesting people in the house and had the time of my life”

Aliane -Kuwait

“I stayed in Mama’s house for 3 and a half years in total initially to increase my knowledge in English and finally graduated with honours in mechanical engineering. I invited Lynne to Saudi to my wedding and we still keep in touch now. My room was the loft suite where I spent most of time studying which was very warm and comfortable to allow me to study. I would highly recommend this house to anyone”.

Mushall – Saudi

8 thoughts on “Testimonials – Host Family Leeds

  1. It has been awesome to spend other 6 weeks with all of you again! Thank you all for the support, help, advice, friendship, and happiness! Few other words to you Lynne. I want to let you know that for me you are not just a host mother, you are a friend, a person who I admire and a source of inspiration. I really appreciate the worthy advice you gave me the last days. The way in which you are genuinely interested in the people around you is unforgettable. Thanks to you, the Yorkshire will be forever a beautiful chapter of my life. Hoping to see you soon!

  2. The litte space available here, is not enough to thank Lynne for the wonderful hostmother she is. Your home is not just a safe, comfortable and clean place to live in. Your home is a unique “multicultural happy family”. Do not change anything of this place, because it is simply perfect.
    It is a shame that the time has passed so quickly! I hope to go back in Leeds soon…in the meanwhile a big big big hugh to all of you! I will never forget the beautiful time spent together! Thank you again for all:-)

  3. this is my first time to go to leeds, i think i’m very lucky, because i have the best homestay, best roommate, best house mother

  4. Not only a second house but also a second family. The first time was a pleasure but the second one has been incredible. Thanks to everyone who has lived with me, I have learnt a lot of things from each one of you, now you are also part of my family…… a multicultural and international family!!!! Lynne, the host mother, has been fantastic and more than a second mother. I have really enjoyed each second I have been here and saying good bye is going to be very difficult for me. I hope I can return early.
    Maite from Spain

  5. I stayed in this host family when I was studied abroad in Leeds first time. I was shy at first but very excited!After 1~2 weeks, I started to know more about Leeds and the host family. Every night I came home we talked to each other in the dining area after dinner, with many people from different countries and backgrounds, it made me know lots of different cultures. We played games, played sports.We shared, had fun everyday. Every moments is unforgettable! Even it’s not a long time. Lynne’s house is not only a host family. It’s more than host family. Lynne is kind, took care of me just like my real mother. Also other host family members, they’re like brothers and sisters. This is my most wonderful experience in my life ever!

    • Yes, I had lived there for three months ,I like it , specially
      Lynne she is kindness woman, (have fun) I don’t forget it, peace to your soul.

  6. When I decided to study abroad, I immediately knew I would stay with a host family. My idea of traveling to a foreign country always involved living among the locals, so I never even considered housing options in a campus dorm or apartment. My experience living with Lynne in Leeds, UK, was unforgettable, and I wouldn’t trade the memories I made with my host family for anything in the world. Reasons why I think all study abroad students should consider living with a host family .

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